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At Embarco, our mission is to turn the bold dreams of today's innovators into the impactful realities of tomorrow.

We are committed to supporting non-technical and underrepresented entrepreneurs who are building ventures that positively impact our world, whether through profit-driven or philanthropic endeavors. We firmly believe that visionaries with a diverse set of perspectives and experiences are essential for driving meaningful and lasting change for us all.

As your technical partner, we are by your side throughout your journey from concept to market.


Launching in 2025!

Embarco's Founder Grant Program provides founders the opportunity to have their MVP developed at no cost.

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Embarco offers comprehensive engineering leadership in building, launching and market testing your product.

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Transforming impactful ideas into technology solutions

We build your product, assist in raising capital, hire engineering leadership, and ensure ongoing product stability while seamlessly transitioning ownership to your new engineering team.

Product & Engineering
  • Requirements Capture: We collaborate with you to define the essential features of your product
  • MVP Development & Deployment: We develop and deploy your core-feature MVP, allowing you to quickly for customer onboarding and to showcase to potential investors.
  • Continuous Improvement: Post launch, our ongoing commitment is to continually iterate to meet the evolving needs of your customers and investors, ensuring your leadership in the market.

Advocacy in Investor Meetings: We actively support your company's technology strategies in investor discussions. Our deep technical knowledge, extensive engineering experience, and track record of building successful ventures will help to inspire investor confidence in the technical execution of your vision.


A strong engineering leader is the cornerstone of any successful startup. Embarco offers comprehensive assistance in hiring the centerpiece of your early stage engineering team.

  • Candidate Sourcing: Source the right engineering leader for your company and establish a talent pipeline. Our focus goes beyond technical competence; we prioritize alignment in vision and values.
  • In-Depth Interviewing: Conduct thorough interviews, evaluating candidates not just for their technical abilities but also for their fit within your startup's unique culture.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensure a smooth transition into your team. We facilitate an onboarding process that integrates new members effectively, setting the stage for immediate and long-term success.


Embarco's dedication to your success extends throughout the transition phase, ensuring a smooth transfer of control while maintaining the quality and performance of your product.

  • Supporting Onboarding of Full-Time Engineering Leadership: We assist in the smooth integration of a full-time engineering leader into your team, ensuring a quick and efficient start to their roles.
  • MVP Transition to New Engineering Leadership: We facilitate the transfer of the MVP to your newly onboarded engineering leadership.
  • Supporting Development of Engineering Processes and Architecture: If needed, we help your team develop essential engineering processes, architectural decisions, and technology selections.
  • Continued MVP Maintenance: We maintain the MVP for as long as necessary until the deployment of the next-gen platform, ensuring uninterrupted performance and support for your product during this critical transition period.


Embarco excels in assisting non-technical founders, offering expert engineering leadership to design, launch, and market-test both software and hardware products. Our team boasts diverse experience and skills across multiple domains.

Renewable Energy
Climate Tech
Social Enterprises
Impact Investing
Distributed Systems

About Embarco

Our team, with over 40 years in software and hardware engineering, combines the innovative drive of startups with the reliability of large-scale technology development.

As startup founders with a track record of success, we understand rapid development and market fit.

Our products have attracted millions of dollars in funding and have been built by our exceptional engineering teams, reflecting our global approach to building technologies that aim to effect positive change in our world.


"Embarco has been an essential partner in our growth since day one. They skillfully developed our platform which was quickly able to support hundreds of users. They hired a nimble engineering team and ultimately helped us secure our initial rounds of capital. Their blend of technical innovation and experience has greatly enhanced our operations and market standing, making Embarco a key driver of our success."

"Embarco played a crucial role in developing our platform, offering technical expertise and efficient solutions. Working closely together they successfully turned our outreach goals into a practical platform with educational content and databases, contributing effectively to our mission."

"Embarco delivered an outstanding product for us at Harvard Belfer Center, ahead of schedule and under budget. Their dedication to user experience and innovative solutions transformed our ideas into success. Highly recommend their efficient and professional service."

Let's build tomorrow,

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Lets build tomorrow,

Lets talk